How can we help you?  Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

1. How old does my child need to be to participate in Bajan Raw Licquer Kids?

Between 2-18 years old for kid’s costume and 13-18 for teen costumes.

2. Payment deadline
Full payment of all costumes must be cleared in full by 20th July 2022.

Full costume price must be paid prior to distribution day of collection, any costumes not
paid for in full or not collected without prior notification maybe sold on.

3. Deposits:
All deposits are non-refundable. You will be required to pay the outstanding costume
balance by the deadline date.

4. Can I pay off my balance in instalments?

If you want to arrange a payment plan or to clear a balance, please contact us at

5. Can I cancel my costume?

Please let us know if you need to cancel your costume, however payments are non-
refundable or transferable.
Deposits are non-refundable for all costumes and fun mas.

6. Do you have a mas camp?

We do not have one. If you would like to view our costumes, please contact us and we
will let you know when and where the costumes will be on show.

7. What does my Costume package include?

Each package will include Premium refreshments all day, with breakfast, lunch, and
snacks. An individual drinking cup, Secure roped off section with professional licenced
security, first aider and of course rumbustious vibes.
Some services may also be exclusive to Bajan Raw Licquer Rumbustious costume crew
only e.g., Rumbustious Rum Punch, fishcakes and sweetbread is purely discretionary and
not an entitlement.

8. If I am unable to collect my costume, may I send someone on my behalf?

Please send email to bajanrawlicquer@gmail.com. with the individual’s name and
identification/ reference number. Person must come with receipt and matching
identification as email.

9. Will you be on the road both Sunday and Monday?

Sunday Children costumes mas.
Adults T-shirt fun mas

10. Where is the leaving Point on Carnival Day and what time?

The leaving point and time will be announced the week before Carnival,
as we do not receive it from the Notting Hill Carnival Trust until then.

11. Am I allowed to customise my own costume?

The designers spend hours designing and producing the costumes to ensure the look
matches our theme and looks great on the road, if you would like to adapt something on
your costume please ask us first.

Kids Information

1. When do Bajan Raw Licquer Kids go on the road?

On Carnival Sunday.

2. Are the kids allowed on the road with the band on Carnival Monday?

No, only over 18s are allowed on the road on Carnival Monday.

3. How old does my child need to be participate in Bajan Raw Licquer Kids?

Between 4-18 years old for kid’s costume and 13-18 years for teen costumes.

4. What is included in the Kids costume package (Sunday only)?

Full costume as advertised, goodie bag, light breakfast, lunch, soft beverages, snacks
and a sound truck – wristbands are given out on the day.

5. On the day can I leave my child and come back later?

All Bajan Raw Licquer Kids must be supervised by a parent and/or guardian during the
carnival procession.

6. Do parents need to buy a T-Shirt to be in the band on Sunday with their kids?

One T-Shirt will be included at a discounted price with your child’s costume
package – any additional T-Shirts will have to be purchased separately at the full Sunday fun package