About Us

Bajan Rumshop was formed back in 1994 as a DJ’s and T-shirt band to execute the social arm of Bajan Diaspora events in London.

Bajan Cultural Club was established in 2006 with the Rumshop Raw Licquer crew now rename (Bajan Raw Licquer) to participate in Notting Hill Carnival to celebrate Barbados 40th year of Independence.

An iconic central communal place for community cohesion and encouraging participation for members and Caribbean diaspora. We are now a children and adult’s band.

Bajan Raw Licquer: is the entertainment for the rumbustious crew at Carnivals, dances, and outings.

Wynding Wire: Conducts Traditional Carnival Art workshops.


Bajan Raw Licquer are inviting you to play Mas with us at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August 2023.


Our costume theme for this year is “ANTILLES”


Complete online registration form with the full payment or a deposit of £200.00 to secure a space in the band. Please note all payments are non-refundable.